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MENAFN 31/03/2010
(MENAFN - Jordan Times) Ten young Jordanians have honed their broadcasting skills 
in a series of radio broadcasting workshops organised by the US Middle East Partnership 
Initiative (MEPI) Alumni Network. 
They produced their own demo tapes and worked individually with radio broadcasting
 professionals in the course of the three-month "Radio Star Search" project, according to 
a US embassy statement released on Tuesday.
At a graduation ceremony on Monday attended by the US Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission 
Lawrence Mandel, trainer Zafer Younis from PlayFM announced the winning demo tape and 
handed out certificates to the 10 participants, aged 18 to 24, along with Alumni Network 
Coordinator  Lina Arafat, the statement said. 
Mandel congratulated the group and encouraged their continued activism and outreach using
their newly acquired radio broadcasting skills. 
Deema Hamdan, one of the participants, described the training as a "fantastic experience, 
especially on production day." 
"I wish  more participants could have the same chance I had. It was a very interesting and 
unique training which gave me deep insight into the radio station life in detail, and how
to utilise such opportunities in making our words heard," the statement quoted her as saying.
MEPI sponsors regular exchange programmes for youth and young professionals in Jordan and 
across the region, and awards small grants to local organisations in the region to advance 
democratic reform, according to the US embassy  statement. 
Through the MEPI Alumni Network in Jordan, former exchange participants and grant recipients 
remain active in community service projects, training, and civic activism.

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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