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Sayed Mohammed Yazdanparast


Listeners to Radio Nehad in Northern Afghanistan are used to hearing the news read everyday by 22 year old Sayed Mohammed Yazdanparast.

He doesn't sound any different from the other radio announcers, however he is unusual in one important way.

Sayed has become a celebrity in his home town of Mazar-i-Sherif because he is blind.

He lost his sight during the civil war as a child escaping bullet-fire. After the fall of the Taliban, Sayed became a radio journalist and based his presenting style on the newsreaders he listened to as he was growing up.

Sayed has to memorise the news bulletins before going on air. As news editor for the radio station he's responsible for bulletins in two languages - Dari and Pashto.

Today he's even recognised in the streets of Mazar-e-Sharif and says his job has improved his social standing.

Outlook's Harun Najafizada went to meet Sayed to see and hear him in action.

Source: BBC World Service

(Yimber Gaviria, Colombia)

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