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The annual magazine for serious DXers "BCL Life 2010" (all in Japanese) was published on March 29 by Sansai Books Co. Ltd. 

They published "Restarting BCL 2008" and "Restarting BCL 2009" respectively in 2008 and 2009, and succeeded in making 

many middle-ages (40-60 years old), who were once the "radio boys" in 1970's, to resume their DX listening hobby with 

more sophisticated sense.

This is the first Japanese annual magazine for serious DX listeners. "BCL Life 2010" consists of, "Practical Use of 

PERSEUS receiver", 

"DX life in the apartment houses", 

"Making Small Loop Antenna", 

"Know more about NHK-World Radio Japan",

 "Little DXpediton with Antenna", 

"Practical Study of Accessory Equipments for DXing", 

"DXing in Overseas", 

"DXing with old Panasonic COUGAR2200 receiver", 

"Chinese Radio Catalogue", "QSLs & Screenshots of Overseas TV/FM DXing", 

"Document on St.Helena Day 2009", "DRM reception on shortwave",

 "DXing with military receivers",

"DXing North American MW stations",

"Challenging to Overseas TV/FM DXing",

"Improving the power of external antenna",

In-depth introduction of 13 shortwave stations with Japanese language programs, 8 stations with foreign 

language programs. 

A5 160 pages, with a supplement B6 64 pages "BCL Radio Frequency Data Book"(listing 3300 waves 

on shortwave). All the articles are written by active DX specialists in Japan.


Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan

(Via DXLD yg)

Fuente: Radioactivity

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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