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Compiled by IWATA Gaku.

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JP No,001(Apr,30 1998) - No,557(Dec,26 2008) was ziped.

All time in UTC

===== ASIA =====


===== AFRICA =====

4976 UBC radio  2003 with hilife song  , OM mentioning radio music 
, 2007 talks in VN  with echoed jingle , refs to Sumba , Tanzania , then hilife 
song S9 45434 

===== EUROPE =====

Foni Tis Helladas  9420  2340  Greek  333  April 2  YL folk music.    

Radio Romania Intl-RRI  9580  0020  English  333  April 4  OM with ID 0022. Then some vocal music. OM with comments 0023 plus a YL at 0025. //7335[333].    



12030  RHC 2046 has been hard as 2x2x1 //15380 (S4 35232) and 
also 15370 S7. ID at 2047 
USA 9479.05 NF  for WTWW on 2057 with religious prg , and mentions on 
Africa. Power?  

===== PACIFIC =====

Radio Australia-Shepparton  13630  2305  English  433  Apr 1  YL and OM with comments on Climate changes in Australia. //15230[333]via Shepparton, 15515[333]via Shepparton, 15560[544]via Shepparton. 

=== Site Unknown ===


==== PIRATE ====

==== Un-ID ====

==== LW / MW ====

===== QSL =====

QSL REPORT – March 2010

Station: -    Radio Taiwan International
Date: -        14-02-2010
Frequency: -    11550 kHz
Time: -        1600-1700 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    1909. This tabletop phonograph was made during the late
Meiji period in Japan in 1909. This lightweight model is the earliest
of its kind to be imported to Taiwan. (36*29*26cm)

Station: -    Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep
Date: -        24-02-2010
Frequency: -    12080 kHz (Dhabayya)
Time: -        1500-1530 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    HOLLAND. Drainage-mills of the Kinderijk-complex,
polder "The Overwaard".

Station: -    NHK World Radio Japan
Date: -        13-02-2010
Frequency: -    9875 kHz (Yamata)
Time: -        1310-1340 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    "Galloping over the Snow" (Hokkaido).

Station: -    NHK World Radio Japan
Date: -        05-02-2010
Frequency: -    15590 kHz (Yamata)
Time: -        0900-0930 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Snowman's Family (Shiramine-mura, Ishikawa Prefecture).

Station: -    NHK World Radio Japan
Date: -        26-02-2010
Frequency: -    9585 kHz
Time: -        1345-1430 UTC
Language: -    Hindi
Description: -    "Waves of Light" (Miyagi Prefecture).

Station: -    NHK World Radio Japan
Date: -        13-02-2010
Frequency: -    7400 kHz
Time: -        1300-1345 UTC
Language: -    Bengali
Description: -    "Galloping over the Snow" (Hokkaido).

Station: -    China Radio International
Date: -        26-02-2010
Frequency: -    11785 kHz
Time: -        0230-0255 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    The Great Family of the Chinese Nation – Va ethnic
minority group.

Station: -    Bangladesh Betar
Date: -        04-02-2010
Frequency: -    4750 kHz
Time: -        1300 UTC
Language: -    Bengali
Description: -    Diurnal Life of Rivery Bangladesh

Station: -    All India Radio (Bhopal)
Date: -        04-02-2010
Frequency: -    4810 kHz
Time: -        1330-1400 UTC
Description: -    QSL Card. Verifies by Director (Spectrum Management &
Synergy). Stone rath in Vitthala Temple complex, Hampi.

Station: -    Vatican Radio
Date: -        21-12-2009
Frequency: -    7335 kHz
Time: -        0140-0200 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Ribbon microphone, used by Pope Pius XI on February 12,
1931, to inaugurate Vatican radio.

Station: -    Radio Prague
Date: -        25-02-2010
Frequency: -    11600 kHz
Time: -        1700-1729 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Czech Writers: Milan Kundera (1929) – One of Europe's
greatest novelists, recipient of numerous literary awards. Has lived
in France since 1975 and now writes in French. Best known works
include The Joke, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Immortality.

Station: -    Voice of Vietnam
Date: -        03-02-2010
Frequency: -    9550 kHz
Time: -        1600-1630 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    TNVN Verification Card verified by Vu Hai.

Station: -    KBS World Radio
Date: -        27-02-2010
Frequency: -    9570 kHz
Time: -        0800-0900 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Nature of Korea. You will be amazed with the nature and
beautiful changes on display across Korea's four distinctive seasons.
Scenic mountains with thick forests span the nation high and low,
forming the magnificent and panoramic views. Waterfalls big and small,
dotted with rocks of various shapes, rumble harmoniously with babbling
brooks that eventually meet with meandering rivers.

Station: -    Voice of Russia
Date: -        09-02-2010
Frequency: -    7305 kHz
Time: -        1530 UTC
Language: -    Hindi
Description: -    The Voice of Russia 80, All the roads lead to VOR
headquarters on Pyatnitskaya street. Alexandrovsky Garden.

Station: -    Voice of Russia
Date: -        05-02-2010
Frequency: -    17805 kHz
Time: -        0700 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    The Voice of Russia 80, All the roads lead to VOR
headquarters on Pyatnitskaya street. House of Music.

Station: -    The Voice of Greece
Date: -        09-02-2010
Frequency: -    15650 kHz
Time: -        1430-1500 UTC
Language: -    Greek
Description: -    Hellenic Radio Television. Athens, seen from Plaka,
with Lycabettus I nthe background

Station: -    Radio Veritas Asia
Date: -        01-02-2010
Frequency: -    11870 kHz
Time: -        1330-1400 UTC
Language: -    Hindi
Description: -    Radio Veritas Asia broadcasts to Asia in 15 languages.

Station: -    Voice of America
Date: -        15-07-2009
Frequency: -    7575 kHz
Time: -        1500-1600 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    A rigger works on the curtain antennas at Udorn, part
o0f the Thailand Transmitting Station, from which VOA programming is
beamed to Asia and Oceania.

Station: -    Voice of America
Date: -        15-07-2009
Frequency: -    9320 kHz
Time: -        1600-1700 UTC
Language: -    Bengali
Description: -    Assignments editors discuss the latest story
developments in the VOA newsroom in Washington, D.C.

Station: -    Voice of America
Date: -        16-07-2009
Frequency: -    7545 kHz
Time: -        1400-1430 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Maintenance riggers at one of the U. S. Government's
international broadcasting stations work on the powerful transmitters
and curtain antenna that broadcast VOA shortwave radio programs to
listeners around the world.


===== ...and others =====

Today Easter Sunday!

UK Rocks The World with a ''test transmission'' to North America
On 15760 khz
Time 1500 - 1558  UTC / GMT

All reception reports to:  or

( No Information is available ) please email UK Rocks The World!


HFCC A10 data file is now available for download :

Direct link :


Radio Prague has announced its 10th annual listeners' competition.

Details at : 


Indian government approves country's Digitalisation plan using DRM

London, April 9th 2010: The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium has welcomed the Indian government's
approval of All India Radio (AIR)'s ambitious plan of converting its vast broadcasting network to digital using the
DRM standard. India is one of the first countries in the world to implement such an extensive and well researched
plan to upgrade its radio infrastructure using the global open DRM radio technology and thereby ensuring that it
can maintain significant reach to its 1.2 billion strong population whilst delivering enhanced radio services.

India's Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure on Thursday 8th April gave its approval to the proposal from the
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting regarding 11th Plan of Digitalisation where Rs 9.20 billion (approx 200
million USD) have been earmarked for AIR to convert to digital which will cover approx 70 per cent of the
country. By converting to digital, AIR will deliver enhanced radio services that offer crystal clear sound, increase
user experience with additional functionality such as automatic tuning by station name, interactive user interface
through digital screens that offer slide-shows and many other services like EPG, Journaline.
The digitisation scheme involves the installation of over 40 digital (DRM capable) transmitters as well as other
digital enhancements and networks for both state radio and television.

All India Radio (AIR) began moving towards digitisation with the adoption of the DRM standard after extensive
field trials and tests since 2007 that was offering in their opinion the most 'robust, reliable' technology. Last year,
it started a regular DRM broadcast from one of its high-power shortwave transmitter located at Khampur near
Delhi and this year it acquired two high powered MW DRM transmitters.

(DRM Consortium Press Release)


Radio Gloria International this Sunday
Radio Gloria International is on this Sunday the 11th of April 2010
At 09.00 to 1000 UTC on our normal channel of 6140 KHz.

M.V.Baltic. Information:
MV Baltic Radio relay service Schedule for Summer 2010
1st    Sunday – MV Baltic Radio
2nd  Sunday – Radio Gloria International  ( New Time Slot )
3rd    Sunday – European Music Radio      (April )


Author Skip Arey is now offering his third edition of the popular "Radio Monitoring – A How To Guide" as afree download via the NASWA website. This guide was originally published by Index Publishing Group and later released by Paladin Press–it had two very successful editions that sold for many years.

The guide recently went out of print but Skip has released it on line (for FREE) via Creative Commons license.

You can download a copy thanks to the North American Shortwave Association (NASWA) who have consented to be the primary online source for distribution. The direct link is .

On Skip's Facebook page, he said, "The hobby has been good to me over the years. I am happy to give this book back to the radio community. Enjoy."

Thanks Skip! We will enjoy your fine publication.

I would strongly encourage you to use this as an opportunity to become a member of the NASWA.

Source: The SWLing Post


By Peter Greste 
East Africa correspondent, BBC News

Al-Shabab and its allies control most of southern and central Somalia
The Somali Islamist movement al-Shabab has banned the BBC and closed down transmitters broadcasting the Somali language service inside the country.

Al-Shabab accused the BBC of fighting against Islam and supporting the transitional federal government, which the rebels are fighting to overthrow.

The group said the BBC had been broadcasting the agenda of crusaders and colonialists against Muslims.

The BBC said it was strictly impartial and spoke to all sides in the conflict.

The BBC has been broadcasting its services in Somali, Arabic and English across the country on a series of FM frequencies for at least a decade, and surveys suggest it is one of the most widely listened-to news services in Somalia.

'Strict standards'

Al-Shabab ordered all of the BBC's transmitters to be shut down.

A statement by al-Shabab demanded that any organisation transmitting the BBC, or the Washington-based Voice of America, should cancel their contracts.

Al-Shabab and its allies control most of southern and central Somalia and all but a few districts of the capital, Mogadishu.

They have been fighting to establish an Islamist administration of their own in place of the current government.

The BBC's broadcasts have been taken off the FM bandwidth, but are still available on shortwave and the internet.

In response to the statement, the head of BBC Africa, Jerry Timmins, said the organisation spoke to all sides in the conflict, including al-Shabab, adhered to strict standards of impartiality and editorial independence and rejected any suggestion otherwise.

21:36 GMT, Friday, 9 April 2010 22:36 UK



Many thanks! 
This week's Contributors are:

Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.
Alokesh Gupta, India.
IWATA Gaku, Japan.
Anatoly Klepov, Russia.
Mukash Kumar, India.
Zacharias Liangas, Greece.
Stewart MacKenzie, USA.
Tom Taylor, UK.

Also thanks to

Globe Radio DX Club / INDIA.

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