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Compiled by IWATA Gaku.

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JP No,001(Apr,30 1998) - No,557(Dec,26 2008) was ziped.

All time in UTC

===== ASIA =====


===== AFRICA =====

RTV Tunisienne  7275  0445  Arabic  333  April 10  YL choir music. YL ancr 0446.    

===== EUROPE =====

Foni Tis Helladas  9420  0421  Greek  333  April 10  Two OMs with comments. YL with folk music. OM with comments 0425. //7450[444].    



CVC La Voz  17680  2245  Spanish  444  April 11  Vocal YL music. OM ancr 2247.  Then vocal OM music in English.    

Radio Habana Cuba-RHC  6110  0450  Spanish  444  April 10  OM with comments also a second OM with RHC ID then a YL with comments. 

===== PACIFIC =====

RNZI  13730  0359  English  433  April 10  Children with choir Rap music. OM with RNZI ID then an OM newscast and weather reports.    

=== Site Unknown ===


==== PIRATE ====

==== Un-ID ====

==== LW / MW ====

===== QSL =====

===== ...and others =====

April 1 to 14  Band Scan

----------Robert Wilkner --NRD 535D, R8, Icom 746Pro DL----------

2310  Australia  VL8A Alice Springs NT  1020 very weak 4 April [Wilkner]
2325  Australia  VL8T Tennant Creek  NT 0935 om news 5 April,0930 13 April[Wilkner]
2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT 0935 om news 5 April, 0930 13 April [Wilkner]
3250  Honduras, Radio Luz y Vida, San Luis  1105 open carrier, 1125 sign on 7 April , 1107 National Anthem orchestral version 8 April [Wilkner]
3309.98 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba, 0900 - 0930, good signal 4 April, [Wilkner]
3329.573 Peru  Ondas del Huallaga,  Huánuco 2345 on 14 April, very strong, 1012 to 1037 good signal with hyper yl,  13 April, same time 9 April. [Wilkner]
3315 Papua New Guinea Radio  Manus, Lorengau 1020  on 7 April [Wilkner]
3375.11  Brasil Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira, 2345 on lower frequency 7 April [Wilkner]
3375.336  Brasil Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira  0940 to 1000, musica 1 April, 0945 with excellent music 13 April, [Wilkner]
4319 u Diego  Garcia. , AFRTS 2350 news items, fair to good signal, 14 April [Wilkner]
4409.8 Bolivia, Radio  Eco, Reyes 2330 to 2340 om & musica 14 April, Id as Radio Eco 0023 to 0030  on 8 April. [Wilkner]
4411.84 UNID at 1120 to 1130 on 7 April [Wilkner]
4451.118 Bolivia, Radio Santa  Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma 2330 to as late at 0030. 7,8 11 April.  No logs 0900 to 1030. [Wilkner]
4699.95  Bolivia, R San Miguel, Riberalta Reported on this alternative frequency. Seems two transmitters. [Wilkner]
4700  Bolivia, R San Miguel, Riberalta on 14 April at 2345 [Wilkner]
4716.64 Bolivia  Radio Yura, Yura  usual yl dj, noted 1000 and 0000. 23 14 April[Wilkner]
4790  Peru, Radio Visión  Chiclayo occasionally silent during 0900 to 1100, 13 April. [Wilkner]
4796.49. Bolivia Radio Lipez, Uyuni  1010 on 13 April [Wilkner]
4800  Mexico  XERTA, 1000 often noted, but seems irregular, 4 April 0910 full ID by om [Wilkner]
4805 Brasil, Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus 0930 to 1000, good music, 13 April. [Wilkner]
4814.95 Ecuador Radio El Buen Pastor,Saraguro Loma Loja 0910 musica linda, good signal 4 April, [Wilkner]
4824.49  Peru  La Voz de la Selva,  Iquitos  2330 and 1030, regular. [Wilkner]
4825 Brasil,Radio Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo 0910 orchestral music, fair signal 4 April [Wilkner]
4835.52 Peru,  Radio Marañon  Jaen  1020 under adjacent 4840 slop, narrow filter 12 and 13 April. [Wilkner]
4845.2  Brasil, Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Manaus, 0950 Hymn National ID with kiloHertz, 13 April [Wilkner]
4857.4  Peru Radio La Hora, Cusco 2350  8 and 11 April [Wilkner]
4865  Brasil Radio Alvorada, Londrina, PR 0950 Hymn National, 13 April [Wilkner]
4894.94 Brasil  Radio Novo Tempo, Campo Grande PR noted 2350 14 April [Wilkner]
4925 Brasil,  Radio Educaçao Rural, Tefé, AM 0940 orchestral music and ID by om 8 April  [Wilkner]
4949.9  Peru  Radio Madre de Dios 1030 to 1040 opening to Florida, 1, 3, 7 April., 2 April 1025 slow om en espanol to 1040 fade out.  Several times English language UTE mixing with signal. [Wilkner]
4955  Peru Radio Cultural Amauta Huanta 2330 on 14 April  [Wilkner]
4985 Brasil  Radio  Brasil Central, Goainia 2330 consistently the strongest 60 meter band signal at this time.  14 April, 0950 much weaker signal 13 April. [Wilkner]
4990 Suriname, Radio Apintie, Paramaribo 1000 and 0000, regular. [Wilkner]
5020 Solomon Islands, SIBC Island music 1046 on 8 April, 1115 to 1155, good music, 1155 Havana splatter dominated 5 April [Wilkner]
5005 UNID 1150 5 April [Wilkner]
5039.29 Peru, Radio  Libertad Junin 1100 musica de Peru with Havana off 9 April. [Wilkner]
5044.92  Brasil Radio  Cultura Ondas Curtas, PP noted 0000 to 0030 very strong on 8 April  [Wilkner]
5055 UNID 1120 on 5 April [Wilkner]
5120.338 Peru,  Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba 2345 on 14 April, 1020 to 1030 on 13 April  [Wilkner]
5459.87 Peru Radio Bolivar Cd. Bolivar  0000 to 0022 on 8 April [Wilkner]
5580.2 Bolivia  Radio San José, San José de Chiquitos 2345 on 14 April, also 8 April same time.  [Wilkner]
5952.48 Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 1105 yl en espanol , [1.4 filter] 2355 on 14 April, same filter.[Wilkner]
5952.507 Bolivia Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 1020 to 1030 om en espanol 13 April [Wilkner]
6019.65 Peru  Radio Victoria Lima 1030, in lsb 13 April [Wilkner]
6047. 2 Peru Radio  Santa Rosa, Lima 1200 to 1210 en espanol 6 April [Wilkner]
6134.77 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz,  1030 on 13 April [Wilkner]
6155.27 Bolivia Radio Fides 1045 on 13 April [Wilkner]
6173.9 Peru,  Radio Tawantinsuyo,  Cusco 1030 to 1040, 13 April [Wilkner]
6224u  New Zealand, Taupo radio ZLM 0940 weather report, 4 April [Wilkner]
6230u  Australia  wx 1055 Tropical cyclone report 2 April, [Wilkner]


EMR Birthday Transmission this Sunday

Date        18th of April 2010
Time        09.00 to 1000 utc
Channel  6140 khz
10.00 Tom Taylor programme
10.30  Mike Taylor (Mail Box programme)

EMR Internet radio service on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
10.00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00,  22:00 utc

Please visit and click on the "EMR internet radio" button
which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left).


Radio City Relay on 9515 kHz

Dear Listeners,
This Saturday the 17th of April 2010 Radio City will return
to the Airwaves via Nexus (ex. IRRS) with 150 kW on 9515 kHz.
The time slot is 08.00 - 09.00 utc

Our contact address is still

Best regards    Radio City - the Station of the Cars


EMR Birthday this Sunday at 0900 utc

Date        18th of April 2010
Time        09.00 to 1000 utc
Channel  6140 khz
09.00 Tom Taylor programme
09.30  Mike Taylor (Mail Box programme)

EMR Internet radio service on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
10.00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00,  22:00 utc

Please visit and click on the "EMR internet radio" button
which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left).


Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

Latest Pacific Asian Log Radio 
Guide Now Available

The Radio Heritage Foundation has just released at its website the latest version of the PAL Pacific Asian Log
Radio Guide covering all AM [mediumwave] radio stations across the

Used by radio listeners, broadcasters and the general public, the
guide lists all known AM radio stations operating in the area with
detailed information about operating times, languages, location, and
much fact more than 50,000 separately updated data entries
across thousands of individual stations.

With riots in Thailand, earthquakes in Indonesia and Taiwan, tsunamis
across the Pacific, civil unrest and censored local radio media, the
information in the latest Pacific Asian Log Radio Guide is also very
useful for travellers, travel agents and others who need to keep
their clients informed.

Search the latest edition now at - simply click
on 'PAL AM Radio' in the Radio Guides factbox on any page.

You can also search for shortwave stations in the region [PAL SW
Radio], Australian narrowcast AM radio [Australia 1611-1701 AM], New
Zealand Low Power FM Radio Guide [NZLPFM Radio] and the Borderless
Radio Rankings [What is Borderless Radio].

These services are provided free to the community by the Radio
Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization connecting popular
culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific.

Donations are welcome to support this service and annual supporter
packages begin at US$10 with full details at


ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference
will meet in Hyderabad, India, 24 May - 4 June 2010

Focus on strategy for growth of information and communication technologies
Accredit Now

Geneva, 15 April 2010 - The ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-10) will open its doors on 24 May in Hyderabad, India. The Conference is expected to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Manmohan Singh in the presence of visiting Heads of State and Government, Ministers, heads of international organizations, development banks and regulatory agencies, and CEOs of private sector companies.
What:    World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-10)
When:    24 May — 4 June 2010
Where:    International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India
Why:    To adopt concrete strategies to bring the benefits of ICT to all communities in all regions of the world.
Who:    Government, private sector, international and regional organizations, development banks, members of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector.

The ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference will focus on development priorities in telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICT) and agree on the programmes, projects and initiatives to implement them. A key objective is to promote international cooperation, regional initiatives and partnerships that can sustain and strengthen telecommunication infrastructure and institutions in developing countries.

WTDC-10 will assess progress in implementing the ambitious action plan launched in 2006 in Doha and adopt the Hyderabad Action Plan that will set the agenda for telecommunication and ICT development over the next four years.

An open and constructive dialogue on the future of the ICT sector and its contribution to social and economic development will focus on:

Broadband connectivity
Digital broadcasting
Open source software
E-accessibility for people with disabilities
E-applications, including health
Human capacity building
Emergency communications
ICT policy and regulation

WTDC is convened every four years. The aim is to provide a forum to consider telecommunication and ICT development projects and programmes that will contribute towards building a global information society for all.
Media Accreditation for WTDC-10 is open

Details of the accreditation procedure are atÅq=en. Please read the procedure carefully before completing the online accreditation form. Accreditation is compulsory for Press.

Pre-registered and unannounced journalists should present their confirmation letter at the Registration Desk, together with their passport or ID card in order to receive an official WTDC-10 Media badge or undergo the full accreditation process. In the latter case, please ensure you have available the necessary supporting documentation (see procedure).

The on-site Media registration service will be open:
Thursday, 20 May and Friday, 21 May 2010: 10:00-18:00 hours
Saturday 22 May and Sunday, 23 May 2010: 08:00-18:00 hours
Monday 24 to Monday 31 May 2010: 08:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:30 hours
Tuesday 1 June to Friday 4 June 2010: 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:30 hours
WTDC-10 Television studio

ITU will conduct TV interviews with key personalities at WTDC-10 in Hyderabad and will also produce TV News Reports. The broadcast quality videos will be available to networks for transmission free of charge. The TV studio will be operational 24 – 27 May at the conference venue. Videos can be viewed on ITU's YouTube channel.

For more information, please see or contact:

Sanjay Acharya
Chief, Media Relations and Public Information
ITU.     +41 22 730 5046     +41 79 249 4861


Sri Lankan national broadcaster SLBC has started relaying BBC World radio on FM band. The relaying starts the BBC English, Sinhala and Tamil programmes after a 14 month break. The BBC suspended its rebroadcast in February last year.

The BBC programmes were suspended in February last year "following deliberate interference in its broadcasts," BBC said in a statement. 

During the suspension, the BBC's services in all three languages remained available in Sri Lanka via short wave; on, and via the Internet; and news bulletins in English via the Sri Lankan commercial broadcaster MBC. 

Director of BBC Global News Peter Horrocks said that the BBC wishes to rebuild its partnership with SLBC.

"We have been reassured by SLBC that our contractual agreement will be respected, which guarantees that our programmes in English, Sinhala, and Tamil are broadcast uninterrupted," he said. Mr. Horrocks added that the BBC audiences value the editorial intergrity of its programming.

"Our audiences understand that in order to cover news events in the most comprehensive and balanced way, the BBC adheres to specific editorial values that include impartiality, editorial independence and seeking a relevant range of views on any topic," he said.
[Daily Mirror 15/04  via Jaisakthivel]


Las radios de Mogadiscio se quedan sin música

Diez emisoras locales, entre ellas Radio Shabelle, Radio Cuerno de África, Simba Radio, Tusmo Radio y Dana Radio, abrieron sus emisiones de hoy sin música, según dijeron a Efe en sus oficinas.

Sólo dos emisoras oficiales y con protección armada, la gubernamental Radio Mogadiscio y la Bar Kulan Radio, de la Misión de la Unión Africana en Somalia (AMISOM), siguen emitiendo música en Mogadiscio.

El presentador de Radio Shabelle, al abrir la programación, dijo.

"Bienvenidos a Radio Shabelle, hoy es nuestro primer día de los días sin música. Pedimos perdón a nuestra querida audiencia, pero deben entender que es una orden de Hezb al Islam".

Hezb al Islam es una milicia radical islámica somalí, encabezada por Hassan Dahir Aweys, que lucha para derrocar al Gobierno Federal de Transición, apoyado por la comunidad internacional, y para imponer un estricto régimen musulmán de corte wahabí.

Aweys está en la lista de terroristas del Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos y su grupo está aliado contra el Gobierno con Al Shabab, otra milicia radical vinculada a Al Qaeda, con la que, por otro lado, se disputa el control de algunas zonas en el sur y centro de Somalia.

Muchos habitantes de Mogadiscio manifestaron su queja ante la suspensión de la emisión de música, como en el caso de Yusuf Omar, un universitario que dijo a Efe: "Es una violación de los derechos del pueblo a estar informado" y aseguró que espera "el momento en que Al Shabab sea derrotada y expulsada de Mogadiscio, como sus hermanos mayores (los talibanes) lo fueron de Kabul".

El Gobierno Transitorio, que encabeza el presidente Sharif Sheikh Ahmed y que no tiene prácticamente control territorial en el país, condenó por su parte las presiones y amenazas a los medios.

El ministro de Información, Dahir Mohamud Gelle, dijo que "el país está en su peor momento. Los medios independientes no pueden trabajar en Mogadiscio, pero esperamos poder acabar con esta presión y restaurar la paz en nuestra ciudad".

Las organizaciones de periodistas locales han pedido a Hezb al Islam y Al Shabab, que realizan periódicas amenazas y prohibiciones a los medios de comunicación, que dejen de acorralarlos.

Dahir Alasow, presidente de la Asociación de Periodistas Somalíes, dijo hoy a Efe que "estamos muy preocupados por el incremento de la presión sobre los medios. Esto es lo peor que nos ha tocado vivir, pero esperamos que la justicia llegue y castigue a estos demonios".

En los últimos años, Somalia ha sido uno de los países del mundo con más periodistas asesinados, la mayoría pertenecientes a estaciones de radio, y en muchos casos han sido atribuidos a pistoleros de Al Shabab y Hezb al Islam.

Hoy mismo, Moalim Hashi Mohamed Farah, autoproclamado gobernador de Hezb al Islam en Mogadiscio, que el pasado 3 de abril dio diez días a las radios locales para dejar de emitir música, dijo a Efe que cualquier emisora que lo haga "se enfrentará a serios castigos".

Por su parte, Al Shabab prohibió la semana pasada escuchar y emitir a la BBC británica y a la Voz de América estadounidense en las zonas del centro y el sur del país bajo su control.

"Desde hoy, todas las estaciones locales de la BBC y la Voz de América están cerradas y sus equipos quedan confiscados para evitar su diabólica información y propaganda", señalaba el viernes pasado un comunicado del grupo. EFE


By Chibaula Silwamba
Tue 13 Apr. 2010, 03:50 CAT

PARLIAMENTARY Committee on Broadcasting and Information Services chairperson Mwansa Kapeya has expressed concern at the collapse of ZNBC's radio one signal to rural areas like Mpika.

In an interview from Mpika, Kapeya, who is PF member of parliament for Mpika and a former broadcaster who worked for ZNBC for 38 years, blamed the government for the corporation's lack of radio spare parts.

"Radio has proved to be the most significant media in disseminating informative and educative programmes to majority of Zambians. For the first time in the history of radio signal delivery in this country, large parts of the Zambian community especially the rural area has been completely cut off from knowing what is happening in and outside Zambia by ZNBC radio.

In short, ZNBC radio has completely collapsed," Kapeya said. "When broadcasting was cared for by previous governments, spare parts for radio transmitters were procured expressly to ensure minimum service outage. The short wave services have been off air since February 1, 2010 and as I speak to you the situation is still the same."

He said the government had neglected rural people who depended on ZNBC radio one.

"What I have noticed is that the problem with our current government is that of indecision. It's very difficult for our government to make a decision on how to buy the required spare parts from the suppliers in the United States of America," he said.

Kapeya asked the government to quickly address the radio signal problems.
"As a veteran broadcaster myself, who served ZNBC for 38 years, I have always advised those concerned especially the government never to use methods that will tend to push away credible spare parts suppliers for radio and encouraging dubious dealers in substandard products," Kapeya said.

"Public efficiency is being adversely affected in the name of checks and balances. For this kind of inertia by our government is a clear indicator that this MMD government has completely neglected rural areas from where they command a lot of support during general elections."

He commended The Post for its role in information dissemination to urban and rural Zambia.

"We in Mpika are so grateful to The Post newspaper for being the only media providing valuable information to the people of Mpika on a daily basis including other rural districts, which are completely cut off by ZNBC radio. The Post is the only media that we depend on here in Mpika," said Kapeya.


Wed 14 April 2010 | 13:28 GMT 

Azerbaijani delegation of Ministry of Communication, Information Technologies and State Department of Radio Frequencies is visiting Tbilisi.

The aim of the visit is the meeting with Georgian specialists to discuss coordination of frequencies for digital television broadcast of the two countries.

"The meeting will also discuss joint works on radio monitoring on frontier lands", the ministry said.
The visit will last until April 16.

Under recommendations of the International Electric Communication Union, all countries must move to digital television and radio broadcast no later than 2015. Azerbaijan intends to apply the new format in 2013.




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Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.
IWATA Gaku, Japan.
Jaisakthivel, India.
Anatoly Klepov, Russia.
Zacharias Liangas, Greece.
Stewart MacKenzie, USA.
Jose Miguel Romero, Spain.
Tom Taylor, UK.
Robert Wilkner, USA.
Volker Willschrey, Germany.

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