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New competition
This month's competition question is about me (Tim), and I thought it up myself (because I can do stuff like that, although it does destroy a lot of my grey cells!).

The question is... in which year did I take over hosting the Euro Hit 40 show from my predecessor, Howard Shannon? Was it:

  1. 1903?
  2. 1969?
  3. 2001?
  4. 2007?

For those of you that do not know, the answer can be found on two of the following pages [in one case it's presented thus]:

To enter, please go to the webpage, and use the email form provided. Prizes - as ever - a glam black S,M,L or XL Euro Hit 40 T-shirt, a CD of the June show, and a Dutch fridge magnet.

Good Luck! Veel Succes! Bon chance! Toi Toi Toi!

Please read the competition terms below first:

Mail your answer with this special form by or on 3 May 2010 (00.01 CET 4 May 2010).
Please include your name (pronunciation guide welcome if you think Tim will need it!)
and full postal address, plus T-shirt size.

Prizes per winner: one Euro Hit 40 T-shirt (S, M, L or XL, please specify), one CD copy of the Euro Hit show in which your name is announced (if you need to tell us how to pronounce it, please mention that in your entry mail). Plus one very Dutch fridge magnet!!!.

1) Only ONE ENTRY per email address.

2) Competitions are not open to RNW staff, their partners or members of their immediate families.

2) Winners will be notified by email of their win and again when their prizes have been posted. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm receipt of entries or inform those who have not been lucky when the names of the winners are drawn.

3) The names of the three winners are always announced in our monthly email (see next paragraph), on this web page, in the programme itself and on our page at, but only stating the names of the towns and countries where they live. We do not use the email addresses of entrants to our competitions for any purpose other than our competitions, nor do we supply them to any third parties.


Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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