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The television revolution begins in the Twin Ports as WDSM-TV and KDAL-TV race to get on the air. In two episodes of "Radio Superior" this Friday on KUWS-FM (91.3 Superior, 102.9 Ashland) from February 24 and March 1, 1954, that competition comes to life. It includes appearances by Jack McKenna and Ray Paulsen, who were two of the original staff members with the WDSM-TV when it went on the air March 1, 1954. KDAL-TV went on the air about a week later.

Other blasts from the past who are mentioned in these shows are KDAL-TV General Manager Odin Ramsland, "Little Joe" McFarland, Eddie "The Singing Cowboy" Williams, "Slim Raymond" Ray Paulsen who later played "Bozo" and "Mr. Toot", television newsmen Lew Martin, Bob Ball, Dick Anthony and Bill Krueger and sportscaster Lute Olson.

By the way, Jack McKenna was not only WDSM-TV's first weather "telecaster" but he also hosted a TV wrestling program in the early days of television.

WDSM-TV eventually became KBJR-TV and KDAL-TV is now KDLH-TV, both operated by the Northland's News Center. And if you're wondering — the first northland television station to go on the air was channel 36 WFTV, a UHF station with poor reception. WFTV started broadcasting in 1953 but soon went dark after the VHF stations went on the air.

"Radio Superior" airs episodes every Friday at 5:30 p.m. on Wisconsin Public Radio station KUWS (91.3 FM Superior, 102.9 FM Ashland). It is hosted by Tim Michaels with news from that time by Lew Martin.


Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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