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Compiled by IWATA Gaku.

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All time in UTC

===== ASIA =====

5985.0, Myanma Radio, 1530, Feb 5. This was a rare day that they
used the transmitter at Naypyidaw, instead of the off frequency
one at Yangon (5985.83); sites are assumed. Start of their final English
segment of the day; full ID with frequencies; news followed by C&W songs
in English; 1559 seem to read something from the New Light of Myanmar;
poor with adjacent QRM; 1600 totally covered by very strong CRI sign on.

3950, China, PBS Xinjiang, Urumqui. February, 04 2338-2346 two male in Chinese discussion, later female in discussion too. Poor, 25322
4220, China, PBS Qinghai, Xining. Februay, 04 2346-2353 Tibetan (listed) music, male talks. 25322, 
This year the Chinese New Year's Eve Gala audio feed
produced by CCTV was not carried by as many SW stations as in
past years. Noted the following in parallel at random points on Feb 2
from 1355 to 1625:
CNR1 – 6125, etc. (including the echo jamming frequencies: 11665, etc.)
PBS Nei Menggu – 7420
Voice of Strait – 4940
China Huayi BC – 6185; ran past their observed normal 1600*
Noticeably not carrying the New Year's Eve Gala this year:
CNR2/CBR – 6065, 6155, etc.
PBS-2 Sichuan – 6060 and 7225
Voice of Pujiang – 3280, 4950 and 5075
All in all a disappointing showing! Perhaps due to CCTV coverage being
available via streaming online?

4905, Xizang PBS-Lhasa with the "Holy Tibet" program in English from
1530 to 1600. Mostly all fair. Monitored randomly.
Jan 29 (Saturday) - carrying their "Sunday" cultural show.
Jan 30 - usual format of news items about Tibet
Jan 31 – the normal repeat on Monday of the Sunday show
Feb 1 – not checked
Feb 2 – special show devoted to explaining all about the Spring
Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year.

4970, AIR Shillong, 1436-1512, Feb 4. DJ in English playing
pop songs (Britney Spears, et al.) and reading requests (one from
Nagaland); 1446 news headlines and back to requests; made an
announcement that Shillong felt a quake measuring 6.4 "this evening";
1512 suddenly switched over to the audio feed from Delhi. Many local
IDs; almost fair even with their never-ending persistent hum. But I must
say this hum is nothing compared to the monster hum produced by the
Delhi transmitter on 5015, which is heard almost every day with barely
any audio. At least Shillong can still be enjoyed to some degree! With
the switch over at 1512 they became // 4810, 4835 (one of their better
days), 4840, 4965, 5010, 5040, 5050, 9425 and 9470.

9525.96, VOI, 1418, Feb 5. Ex: 9524.96. Yes, they have yet again switch
to a different transmitter; still with the very noticeable audio hiccups (Glenn
Hauser's IADs - intermittent audio dropouts) and hum.

Radio Nikkei  9760  0423 GMT  Japanese  333  Jan 28  Two OMs with comments.    

6130, LNR, 1418, Feb 4 (Friday). "Functioning in English"
program; equally in Laotian and English; language lesson related to the
business world; interview with Mike Epstein of Advanced Technologies;
light to heavy adjacent QRM. After monitoring this for about 3 weeks,
believe they have tweaked the transmitter, as the signal is surely
improved from last year and it would be hard to attribute it all to just
improved propagation.

9835, Sarawak FM via RTM, via Kajang, 1517, Jan 30. New
transmitter doing very well; DJ with request show of pop songs; many listeners
in Brunei; many IDs; long series of promos for Music-X; audio at >.
11665, Wai FM via RTM, via Kajang, 1455 Jan 30. Putting out as good a signal
as 9835; probably made some adjustments to the new transmitter; lively DJ with
many on air phone call; she starts calls with: "Hello, Wai FM"; audio >.

17860 V.of Croatia via Singapore Jan 31 0700-0710 35333 English and Croatian
English news and music and talk, ID at 0700,

6205 R.Free Sarawak via Tajikistan Jan 30 *1200-1211 43443 Iban,
1200 sign on with IS, ID, Opening announce, Talk,
6205 R.Free Sarawak via Tajikistan Jan 31 1253-1300* 43443 Iban,
Music, ID at 1256 and 1258, 1300 sign off,


===== AFRICA =====

5865 Algerie ?? via ISs 0512 with  Islamic teches S10 45544

5005, Equatorial Guinea, R. Nacional, Bata. January, 25 2222-2235 Spanish Romantic music, slow English, Country, abrupt change to an African music. 35333, 
15190, R. Africa, 1610, Feb 5. Preacher in English (not Tony Alamo); weak.

9635, R. Mali, Bamako. January, 29 0829-0839 African music, female short talks in French, male segment in French talks. Weak, 23322 

9705 Rdiff.TV.Niger Jan 31 2251-2318* 33433-34433 French,
Local music, ID at 2317, Koran, 2318 sign off,

6015, RTZ (presumed), *0257, Feb 4. This is now heard
on a regular basis, alas with a weak signal. Suddenly on with repetitive
xylophone sounding IS; 0301-0306; non-stop reciting from the Qur'an
(the most distinctive detail of their broadcast) and then sounded like a
talk about Islam. 

7335 Rdiff.TV.Tunisienne Jan 31 0712-0728 35333-25432 Arabic,
Talk and arabic music, ID at 0722,

5915 Zambia Nat.B.C. Jan 26 1559-1611 22332-32332 Vernacular,
Fish Eagle IS, Drums, ID, Talk and local music,

4828, Voice of Zimbabwe, Gweru. February, 04 2208-2215 female in an uncertain language, N. A. (consisted by a female choral), 2215 audio off. Het, 23322 

===== EUROPE =====

5905 Dem.V.of Burma via Germany Jan 29 2335-2345 33333-32332 Burmese,
Talk, ID at 2341,
5905 Dem.V.of Burma via Germany Jan 31 *2330-2340 33433-34433 Burmese,
2330 sign on with opening music, ID, Opening announce, Talk,

6075, GTRK Kamchatka via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka,
0710-0724, Feb 1. A different, shorter format now with their local/
regional programming no longer being 50 minutes long; starts with
IDs for "Radio Rossii Kamchatka" and "This is Kamchatka"; this
English ID was formerly always given at the BoH; quickly into
monologue (not in Russian; Mauno suggests perhaps in Koryak)
with many mentions of "Kamchatka"; 0724 back to Russian and
regular Radio Rossii IDs; very good reception. > contains audio
of IDs. Mauno Ritola (Finland) comments: "you are right, definitely
not Russian. I suppose it must then be Koryak, relaying Palana. >. What a pity,
that Palana 4520 kHz was closed long ago"; thanks to Mauno for
his feedback. Now is the time to catch this local program while
the audio is still fairly good (only slight hum), as recently the
strong motorboating/hum was fixed.


5755 WTWW Jan 26 0756-0806 33333-33332 English,
Talk, ID at 0800,
5755 WTWW Jan 31 0740-0802 35333-25432 English,
Talk, ID at 0800,


15476, Antarctica, RN San Gabriel. 1/24 at 2035, 1/25 at 1315 and 1852, 1/28 at 1332, no signal from Antarctica, 

3375.34  Brasil  Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 0930 very strong signal with music de Brasil  29 January 

5954.253 Costa Rica, Radio Republica  yl ID at 0952, good signal 29 January

11670 R N Venezuela !!!! (via Cuba ) with prg in Spanish mentioning
revolution , trade , several products with their prices in dollars (huh ??). ID  a
jingle Canal International de VN . then talks about someone called Morena
and a folk sonf follwed with guitar  S9 max 45434

3279.953 Ecuador, La Voz del Napo, Tena 1020 with music, excellent signal 31 January 

3290  Guyana,  Voice of Guyana 0605 troubled signal, some audio. 0950 Protestant sermon 1005 nx, financial crisis,  Haiti news, Sec of State Clinton,1010 Messages ."Georgetown Magistrate Court.... Commissioner of Police ..."  into  music "Someone to Lean On", strong signal, 31 January: 1015 Voice of Guyana ID on 29 January..  

4986.833 Peru  Radio Manantial, Huancayo  1120 with musica on 31 January 
5921.184 Peru, Radio Bethel noted at 1020, 31 January. 
6047.052 Peru, Radio  Santa Rosa, Lima  1100 to 1115, musica, fair signal 31 January  Similar time on 1 Feb [XM- Cedar Key] 

===== PACIFIC =====

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT 1025 -1030 strongest of the three NT 120 meter signals. 31 Jan 
9710, R. Australia, Shepparton. January, 28 1005-1015 Tok Pisin (listed) music, male and female talks. 33333, 

5765-USB, AFN, Feb 1 at 1329 first time in a while I found them
with normal AFN SW format; // with AFN Diego Garcia, which was about one
second behind Guam. Feb 2 at 1622 continued to be // with DG and with
non-music format.

4755.44, The Cross Radio, randomly from 1313
to tune out at 1502, Feb 3. Non-stop contemporary Christian
songs (soul, pop, ballads, etc.) in English; IDs (local time
checks, frequencies [both FM and SW] and often given by
young girls [Angel, Tanya, etc.]); IDs given near ToH and BoH,
but seems their clock is off by 1-2 minutes. > contains audio
of various IDs heard today (the best one is the last one); reception
much better than yesterday. Nice to see this making it over to the
east coast. If only 1 KW, then the antenna they have been working
on for some years now is really fabulous!

Thanks to Jari Savolainen (Finland) for the contact name in DXLD 11-05.
Sent a report to Dave Casement. Am very pleased with his quick response!
"Thank you for the audio clip, I just listened to it. I am pleased with the
modulation being so clear from that distance. I installed a "Radio Design
Labs" compressor/limiter from their Stick On series fed into an Inovonics
222 processor. This as I hoped is working very well. The antenna is a one
wavelength horizontal loop and the transmitter is an Armstrong 1000 watt.
I am glad that you are enjoying the station, they do have a good line up of
music and programs. While we are here I sometimes wake up at night and
listen on the FM in my MP3. Their intention is not to go 24 hr with the sw
as the folks in the islands would not be listening through the night. They
are doing test transmissions now and getting reports from the islands so
the regular schedule is yet to be determined. Keep listening and you may
pick up on that. Also I hope the music and the messages presented will
be inspiration to a closer relationship with God.
David Casement
Broadcast Technician
Galcom International
(1) 613-766-2536
(2) 905-574-4626
dave @ "

5019.87 SIBC Jan 31 1403-1420 34433 Pidgin,
Music and talk, ID at 1409,
5019.88, SIBC, randomly from 1319 to 1440*, Jan 31; extended
schedule; poor to almost fair in QRN; in Tok Pisin; mostly playing
pop island songs; interviews; weather; 1438 usual English sign off
announcement followed by National Anthem. Best in LSB due to
Cuba QRM from 5025. Per Sei-ichi Hasegawa's recent reports in
dxldyg, Vanuatu has gone to 24 hour broadcasting and "The Cross"
has been reactivated, so the Pacific is finally becoming more active
on SW. > contains audio of
sign off announcement and NA. 

3945, R. Vanuatu, Port Vila. January, 27 0815-0827 two male in local language discussion; 25432. January, 28 0826-0836 female and male outside in an uncertain language talks. Seems 7260 was off these days, or at least, very weak; 25322,

=== Site Unknown ===


5930 Suab Xaa Moo Zoo Jan 31 *2230-2240 43443 Hmong,
2230 sign on with opening music, Opening announce, Music,

17745, Sudan Radio Service via Portugal, *1603, Jan 5.
On with African stringed instrument; into multi-language loop: "Sudan
Radio Service is experiencing some technical difficulties. Please stay tuned.
We apologize for the inconvenience"; signal improving by 1608 tune out.

==== PIRATE ====

==== Un-ID ====

==== LW / MW ====

===== QSL =====

QSL REPORT – January 2011

Station: -    KBS World Radio
Date: -        28-12-2010
Frequency: -    9570 kHz
Time: -        1300-1400 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    2010-2012 VISIT KOREA YEAR – Korean Traditional Mask:
Tal – Korean traditional masks, known as Tal, are not only beautiful
artwork but also a significant medium used to convey satire and humor
in Korean culture. Hahoe Village in Andong, North Gyeongsang Province
is home to Hahoe Tals donned in the mask play, "Hahoe Byeolsin
Exorcism." The village was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in
August, 2010.

Station: -    TRT Voice of Turkey
Date: -        08-01-2011
Frequency: -    11735 kHz (EMR)
Time: -        1330-1425 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Black Sea folk dances girls' horon (Fatih Primary
School Folk Dances Group).

Station: -    Radio Free Asia
Date: -        15-12-2010
Frequency: -    12130 kHz (IBB Sri Lanka)
Time: -        1430-1500 UTC
Language: -    Vietnamese
Description: -    14 Years. This QSL card commemorates RFA's 14 years of
broadcasting excellence. The collage on the front represents a mall
sample of the many stories RFA has covered since our first broadcast
on September 29, 1996. This QSL is issued for all confirmed reception
reports from September – December 2010. Please continue to send your
reception reports to us via or by email

Station: -    NHK World Radio Japan
Date: -        20-12-2010
Frequency: -    15205 kHz (Uzbekistan)
Time: -        0500-0530 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    "Candle-lit Night"(Kagawa Prefecture).

Station: -    NHK World Radio Japan
Date: -        11-12-2010
Frequency: -    9585 kHz
Time: -        1345-1430 UTC
Language: -    Hindi
Description: -    "Candle-lit Night"(Kagawa Prefecture).

Station: -    Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep
Date: -        09-01-2011
Frequency: -    6020 kHz
Time: -        1800-1830 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Photograph of Flowers.

Station: -    China Radio International
Date: -        25-12-2010
Frequency: -    11880 kHz
Time: -        0000-0055 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    The Great Family of the Chinese Nation – Hezhen ethnic
minority group.

Station: -    World Harvest Radio
Date: -        13-02-2010
Frequency: -    9930 kHz (K8WH Palau)
Time: -        1315 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Verified by L. W. Vehorn. Pete Sumrall, president LeSEA
Broadcasting listening to WHRA in Kibera, Kenya 2006. Over 20 years of
shortwave ministry to the world. Christmas Day, 1985 marked the
beginning of World Harvest Radio International.

Station: -    Voice of Vietnam
Date: -        15-12-2010
Frequency: -    9550 kHz
Time: -        1600-1630 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    TNVN Verification Card.

Station: -    Radio Slovakia International
Date: -        14-11-2010
Frequency: -    9440 kHz
Time: -        0100-0130 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    The Andy Warhol Museum of the Modern Art in Medzilaborce, SACR.

Station: -    Voice of Mongolia
Date: -        08-01-2011
Frequency: -    9665 kHz
Time: -        1530 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Greetings from Mongolia.

Station: -    Bible Voice
Date: -        25-12-2010
Frequency: -    5950 kHz (Wertachtal)
Time: -        0030-0100 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    Bible Voice Broadcasting. Reaching Nations… one person
at a time.

Station: -    Radio Taiwan International
Date: -        12-11-2010
Frequency: -    11550 kHz (Huwei Branch Station)
Time: -        1600-1700 UTC
Language: -    English
Description: -    This phonograph, made in Switzerland between 1925 and
1935, is characterized by it large speakers and decorative watercolor
painting. It was used for playing records. The aesthetic beauty of the
phonograph makes it work of art. (100*22*30 cm)

===== ...and others =====

MV Baltic Radio is on this Suinday 

Channel 6140 khz  -  Time 10.00 to 1100 utc
1st    Sunday – MV Baltic Radio
3rd    Sunday – European Music Radio    
4th    Sunday – Radio Gloria International 


For the first time, the technical capability of the DRM+ digital radio system in FM band II is going to be tested in the UK. This four month long trial, organised by the DRM Consortium and its partners, will take place in the Edinburgh area of Scotland from February 2011.

The DRM+ transmission will operate into an existing antenna that is shared with two FM services via a combiner. Those services cover more than 500,000 people in urban, suburban and rural terrain. This will be a closed technical trial with no direct involvement from the public.

DRM provides many features to allow user-friendly, high quality radio to be broadcast, including use of station names rather than frequencies, consistent digital audio, additional text and visualisation, an EPG, alternate service signalling, and automatic service following to DRM, DAB, FM and AM services. More details can be found at

The purpose of the trial is to measure the coverage of DRM+ operating in various transmission modes (lower capacity, higher ruggedness; higher capacity, lower ruggedness). There will also be a comparison of the coverage of FM and DRM+ in terms of transmitter power. Other objectives include being able to assess the impact of DRM+ on FM and vice-versa; demonstrate the performance of DRM+ in a range of environments, for example, urban, suburban, rural, etc., and therefore provide an analysis of performance against the challenges of these environments. The pattern of the antenna will also be measured, in order to correlate performance in different directions with the expected performance. This trial should also provide suitable measurement data to international regulatory bodies, such as CEPT and ITU.

The trial transmissions will carry audio material consisting of both programme and test sequences. At least two modes will be tested to allow planning parameters to be determined for 
different scenarios.

DRM Chairman, Ruxandra Obreja said: " After recent trials in Sri Lanka, Germany, Italy and Brazil this will give us a chance to test the DRM standard in its DRM+ extension to an extent never done before in a complex and challenging environment. We hope that by the early summer we will have accumulated additional data on the robustness and flexibility of DRM+" 

(Press Release)


By Edmund Kagire28 January 2011

In a bid to cut spending, the BBC World Service, on Wednesday, announced it will cease broadcasting Great Lakes service for Rwanda and Burundi in the Short Wave (SW) frequency.

This means that beginning in March, listeners outside the Great Lakes region will not able capture BBC Gahuzamiryango news program as the British broadcaster considers closing most of it foreign language news programmes.

For many years, the BBC has been airing the one-hour Kinyarwanda/Kirundi program in two 30-minute segments on week-days. Also broadcasted on the SW frequency was the one-hour Imvo n'imvano current affairs programme which airs on Saturdays.

Though in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and DR Congo, the popular programs airs on the FM frequency, they have been airing on the SW frequency outside this region, in addition to online streaming.

Beginning March, the SW frequency will close as a result of cutbacks in British government funding for the BBC.

Listeners who mainly live in Europe, the Americas and other continents, will only be able to follow the programming online.

BBC World Service said it was carrying out a fundamental restructuring in order to meet the 16 per cent savings target required by the Government's Spending Review of October 20, last year.

"We are making cuts in services that we would rather not be making. But the scale of the cut in BBC World Service's Grant-in-Aid funding is such that we couldn't cope with this by efficiencies alone," said BBC Global News Director, Peter Horrocks, in an official release.

"What won't change is the BBC's aim to continue to be the world's best known and most trusted provider of high quality impartial and editorially independent international news. We will continue to bring the BBC's expertise, perspectives and content to the largest worldwide audience, which will reflect well on Britain and its people," Horrocks said.

The development came after the argument that SW is no longer listened too as most people have turned to FM.

Source: Rwanda: BBC to Shut Down Short Wave Kinyarwanda Broadcast


Rx: Sony ICF 7600G + Kaito KA33 antenna

Saludos a todos!,

Algunas captaciones, espero sea de interes.

29 enero 2011
5910  Alcaravan Radio, Colombia, 0055- , 444,ID"Alcaravan Radio
1530 AM y en Onda corta 5910 en banda internacional de 49 metros,
estacion de interes publico..Alcaravan Radio.

5954v ELCOR, Costa Rica, 0057- , 333, OM con comentario sobre Cuba.
6010 LV de Tu Conciencia, Colombia, 0105- , 444, con musica instrumental
11655 RDP Internacional, Portugal, 0125- , 544, em portugues, com musica

30 enero 2011
4840 WWCR, USA, 0135- , 444, con pgm religioso en ingles.
5025 R. Rebelde, Cuba, 0140- , 444, con musica cubana, ID.
5040 R. Habana Cuba, 0143- , 322, OM en Frances, a las 0200 siguio en español
5810 WEWN, USA, 0148- , 544, OM en español, pgm catolico.
5910 Alcaravan Radio, Colombia, 0152- , 222, con musica llanera, co-ch con RRI.
5975 R. Rumania Intl, Rumania, 0157- , 433, con IS hasta las 02 que siguio en frances.
6010 LV de Tu Conciencia, Colombia, 0203- , 222, en español, mezclandose c/ UNID.
7475 LV de Grecia, Grecia, 0235- , 444, con musica griega // a 9420 (4 SIO)
7570 RTI, Taiwan via WYFR, 0255- , 444, en español, "Año Nuevo Chino".
9955 WRMI, USA, 0245- , 444, No jamming!, inicia con "Viva Miami" en ingles.
17750 RHC, Cuba, 1714- , 433, NO...ALO PRESIDENTE, hoy!!, Leonor Bravo acabo de leer biografia
          de Atahualpa Yupanqui.
17820 RDP Intl, Portugal, 1719- ,544!, c/ Futebol, em portugues.
21630 WHRI Cypress Creek, USA, 1704- , 444, pgm rlg en Ingles.
21690 RFI via Montsinery, Guayana Francesa, 1707- 444, Nx en Frances.
21745 WYFR, USA, 1713- 444, emitiendo en pgm rlg en arabe

01 Febrero 2011
5890 VOA, USA, -0200*, en español, No aparece esta frecuencia en español en el AOKI!!!!
6040 R. Vaticana, 0245-0250+, 444, en frances, despues de las  0250 en ingles.
6270 R. Cairo, Egipto, chequeando a las 0138- SIN SEÑAL,igual en 9315 en 9915 c/ musica arabe.
7570 RTI, Taiwan via USA, 0239- , 444, c/Vida Conciencia" en español.
9650 TRT LV de Turquia, 0241- , 544, identificandose en varios idiomas siguio con musica turca
9725 RTV Tunisia, 0315- , 333, emitiendo musica arabe.
9895 VO Rep Islamic Rep Iran, 0325- , 444, en arabe.


Yesterday, January 31, Radio Prague ended its shortwave transmissions from the Czech Republic.  However, an agreement between Radio Prague and WRMI will allow shortwave transmissions to continue to the Caribbean and Latin America via Radio Miami International in English and Spanish.  As of today, February 1, the schedule for Radio Prague programs via WRMI is:

0630-0700 UTC Daily (Spanish)
0700-0730 UTC Daily (English)
0930-1000 UTC Daily (Spanish)
1000-1030 UTC Monday-Friday (English)
1930-2000 UTC Saturday-Sunday (English)
0300-0330 UTC Daily (Spanish)

This schedule will remain ine ffect until further notice.  All broadcasts are on 9955 kHz with 50 kilowatts from Miami on an azimuth of 160 degrees.

Jeff White, WRMI General Manager, said that "Radio Miami is happy to be able to help Radio Prague stay on the air, just as we did with Radio Slovakia International when its shortwave transmissions were scheduled to end last December 31.  We have had close cooperaton with Radio Prague for many years now, and we hope this cooperation will continue for many more years."

WRMI Radio Miami International
175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4
Miami, Florida 33172 USA
Tel +1-305-559-WRMI (9764)
Fax +1-305-559-8186

Subject: Radio Prague continues on shortwave from Miami
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 15:59:37 -0500



Many thanks! 
This week's Contributors are:

LOB - Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil.
Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany.
Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.
Alokesh Gupta, India.
Ko.Hashimoto, Japan.
Ron Howard, USA.
IWATA Gaku, Japan.
Anatoly Klepov, Russia.
Mukesh Kumar, India.
Zacharias Liangas, Greece.
Stewart MacKenzie, USA.
Tom Taylor, UK.
Robert Wilkner, USA.
Radio Heritage Foundation

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Globe Radio DX Club / INDIA.

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