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The Euro Hit 40 show of February 2011 is here - so if you can't wait even a few more seconds, all you need to do to hear it is to click on this bit of text and it will start playing in a new window. You could also sign up for the podcast.

Oh, and if you liked our World Pop Contest in 2010, you may want to vote YES for a new one in 2011. Just click here and read the first paragraph.

This month's show has music from many artitsts, including:

The RNW media player version of the show now has its own page.

You can also hear the show - or download it to your computer - through this link:

Euro Hit 40 show February 2011 - click arrow (right) to download to your computer


Our first Eurobuster this month comes from one the recent winner of a new Dutch TV talent show called Voice Of Holland. He's got British parents, hence his name, but he's a very Dutch guy too. See what you think of the man with the 'Stem van Nederland' (voice of the Netherlands). Curiously, his brother Dean won a rival TV talent show, Popstars, the very next night. 

Ben's song is his version of If You Don't Know Me By Now. Here is the link to Ben's official website - but please note it is still under construction right now.

COMPETITION 33 - DECEMBER 2010 - answer and winners
In December 2010 we asked: what does Aloe Blacc says he needs in the title of his hit single (played on the December show): A pound? A dollar? A euro? A crown?

The answer: a dollar

We had over 100 entries, yet two of our three clever winners have won at least one of our competitions before... but, that's the luck of the draw! The winners are:

  • K. Nagalaxmi of India
  • Jayanta Chakrabarty who lives in India, too
  • César Tupfia Gamarra of Peru

Congratulations to you three guys. We've posted your flag certificates down below. Your prizes will be in the post soon - but first we need to know your T-shirt choice!

 to find the rules for our competitions - see last month's question and, most important no doubt, find our new questions and instructions on how to enter... just click here.

 - to find all the other things the Euro Hit 40 show has to offer you may click on the Red-Orange picture below to get to our full dossier, or maybe you'd rather choose from these links... it's up to you! 


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