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ZB Book Competition Winner__________________________

We're pleased to announce a winner for our latest competition, and
that's Bruce Barnett of Paddington, NSW, of a large
number of entries who correctly picked 28,000 or more as the expected
number of visits to in December!

There are also another 15 competition winners, each receiving FREE
introductory 2011 supporter packages.....check for your name........

Well done Bruce - a copy of 'ZB The Voice of an Iconic Radio Station'
by Bill Francis is on its way to you. This is a great read, telling
the ups and downs of 1ZB Auckland, one of the most influential radio
 in New Zealand and in the Pacific region since the 1930s.

We have 5 more copies of this book available and we'll send them to
the first 5 of you who make a donation of US$50 this week towards our
Feburary operational costs campaign. Our target this month is US$1175
and we're already 14% of the way there...just use the Paypal donation
button at and tell us your shipping address.

Congratulations also to the 15 [we had so many entries we decided to
increase this from the original 10 to give more people a chance]
winners of the FREE 2011 introductory supporter packages:

Johhny Miller, Walter L Keats, Dennis Johnson, John Filozzi, Robert
Kipp, Gong Yudie, Juan Franco CrespoScott Fybush, Ray Davey, Saul
Broudy, Graham Austin, Kevin Hand, Bill Patalon III, Bruce Fowlie and
Brian Aspinall. 

Our winners are from Australia, USA, China, New Zealand, Spain and
Germany which just goes to show how globally popular our competition
was! And, in December we recorded 33,700 visits to the site!!!!!!

Our supporter packages are worth US$10 and include immediate
discounts on our books and CDs, personal research, special offers and
inclusion on our Roll of Honor for supporting our radio heritage

Next competition? Coming real soon! In the meantime, to claim your
own copy of the ZB Book, the first 5 donations of US$50 this week
will get this great read as a thank you! Just use the donation button

Thanks everyone!
Radio Heritage Foundation

PS...if you'd like to become one of our 150 Donors for 2011 to cover
our monthly operational costs, read about our funding campaign today.
Thanks to the generosity of supporters worldwide, we met 100% of the
US$1,300 target in January and our February funding round is now open
for donations.

Via Juan Franco Crespo, Spain


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