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Last updated: 2012-01-20 

 20 honorable mentions 

Pavel Puchkov of Russia, 
Nikolaus Türk of Germanny, 
Hamzaoui Mahmud Hamzaoui of Egipt , 
Abdel Karim Najim of Morroco, 
Naser Farid Zifir of Yemen, 
Alberto Machado Marchand of Uruguay, 
Berny Solano Solano of Costa Rica, 
Ricardo Barsotti Zimmermann of Portugal, a listener of the Spanish language broadcasts, 
Qian Xiuping, Liu Wei, Zhou Fei and Meng Cheng, all 4 from China, 
Giuseppina Albanese, Mirella Damiani and Giorgio Borsier, all 3 from Italy, 
Amadou Tidjane of Mauritania, a listener of the French programs,

Muhhammad Aslam Javed of Paksitan, a listener of the English language programs as 
well as Henk Poortvliet of the Netherlands and Joaquim Pombo and Michael Whing of the UK. 

10 third prizes 

Sergiu Crăciun Romanian born listener from Russia, 
Wolfgang Kühn of Germany,
Boudoukha Mohamad of Algeria, 
Volodimir Gudzenko of Russia, a listener of the Ukrainian language programs, 
Salvador Lavín Carral of Spain, 
Romanian Adriana Petri of Israel, 
Xu Wenfeng of China, 
Stefano Citterio of Italy, 
Rachad Affo of Benin, a listener of the French language programs and 
Shri Pal Garg of India, a listener of the English service programs. 

20 second prizes 

Valeri Lugovski of Russia, Michael Lindner of Germany,
Ben Amer Laid and Abdel Hamid Djebbari, both from Algeria, 
Serhii Kozlenko of Ukraine, 
José Luis Corcuera of Spain, 
van Profor of the Republic of Moldova, 
Lu Jiawang, Xue Fei, Meng Chunquan, Li Ming, Xu Tongya, all 5 from China, 
Agide Melloni, Lina Battanoli, Giovanni Sergi, all 3 from Italy and 
Romanian Cristina Mirabela Rădulescu, a listener of Italian language programs, 
Alain Roques of France, Nassir Aziz of Pakistan, Mitul Kansal and M. Ganesan both from India

10 first prizes 

Nikolai Matveev of Russia, 
Goumidi Mohamad of Algeria, 
Konstantin Kisili of Russia, who listens to our Ukrainian service, 
Roberto Carlos Alvarez Galloso of the US, who listens to our Spanish service, 
Fan Hongjie, Shan Jinghai and Long Dingzhong, all three from China, 
Gianluca del Marco of Italy, 
Zenon Teles of India and Amand Gregory from the US, both listening to our English service

Four special prizes

Jan Pongs of Germany, our co-national Marin Gherman of Ukraine, who listens to our Romanian language service, 
Jacques Giraud of France, and Richard Chen of Trinidad Tobago, listening to the English service programs. 

Grand Prize

Cristina Russo and Giulio Pagani, a couple from Genoa, Italy. 

Edith and Claude Unsinger of Strasbourg, France.

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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