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Join the hosts of Radio Taiwan International for a week-long celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year! Each day we bring you a taste of the holidays in our programs:
Friday, Jan. 20
Sound Postcards: Andrew Ryan shares sounds associated with the Chinese New Year.
Saturday, Jan. 21
Feast Meets West: Foods containing the Chinese word for dragon are featured in this edition of the Feast; Ellen Chu and Andrew Ryan also share some interesting facts about this mythical beast, which is the zodiac sign for the coming year.
Sunday, Jan. 22 (New Year's Eve)
Trends: Find out why a small neighborhood in Taiwan is suddenly seeing shoppers turning out in the thousands two weeks before the Chinese New Year.
Made in Taiwan: Learn about Taiwanese nougats, "niu za tang", and why they're a popular treat during Chinese New Year.
Monday, Jan. 23 (New Year's Day)
CNY Encyclopedia: This is the first of five Chinese New Year Encyclopedias that will be featured in the daily news this week; learn about the Year of the Dragon, which officially begins today!
Hear in Taiwan: Today, for New Year's Day, the hosts of Hear in Taiwan visit a Taipei hotel to partake in a traditional New Year feast.
Soundwaves: Shirley Lin introduces songs that contain the Chinese character for "dragon" in honor of the Year of the Dragon.
Chinese to Go: Huang Shihhan features the Chinese lesson: "Do you want dragon babies?"
Tuesday, Jan. 24
CNY Encyclopedia: Learn about how married women traditionally visit their parents today, the second day of the new year holidays.
Hear in Taiwan: Join the hosts of Hear in Taiwan for a look at how people celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Wednesday, Jan. 25
CNY Encyclopedia: Learn about "Spring Couplets", which are pairs of propitious verses that people hang on their doorways during the lunar new year holiday.
Hear in Taiwan: Find out how to wish your friends a Happy Year of the Dragon in Chinese. Plus, we'll bring you the story of the Mouse bride, which takes place on the third day of the Lunar New Year.
Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes: Carlson Wong shares a selection of Chinese New Year-related music.
Thursday, Jan. 26
CNY Encyclopedia: Red envelopes containing money are a popular new year gift; learn more in today's Chinese New Year Encyclopedia.
Hear in Taiwan: Find out about the top ten things you can see in Taiwan during the New Year holidays.
Occidental Tourist: Wesley Holzer and Shirley Lin take a trip to Taipei's Dihua St., the lively shopping district where people stock up on New Year's goods.
Friday, Jan. 27
CNY Encyclopedia: Learn about the basic rules of mahjong, and why it's such a popular game during the Chinese New Year.
Hear in Taiwan: The hosts of Hear in Taiwan present the sounds of the Lunar New Year holidays.
Saturday, Jan. 28
Feast Meets West: In this edition of the Feast, hosts Ellen Chu and Andrew Ryan feature a dish called Deep-fried Dragon Pearls. What could they be? We'll give you a hint: the "pearls" are part of a squid.

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