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 By Redis Méndez |

Radio Camoa Broadcasting Station of San José de las Lajas celebrated the 40 anniversary of the foundation.  
This group celebrated the ephemerid with a political and cultural gala in El Ranchón de Pedro Pi of San José de las Lajas.  

Popularity prizes of the survey 2011 were given to different program categories: programs, announcers, producers, advisors and directors.

Only 32 of the 450 participants in the investigation do not listen to Radio Camoa. Enlace, Valija Postal 10202 and Recuerdas Tú, are 
among the best programs. Órbita is the most popular because of René Parapal´s distinguished voice. 

Carlos Alberto Hernández, Tania Rosa Cachón and Onel Peña, were the best producers.  María Elena García and René Parapal were the 
best announcers.  Program direction: Arilys Barbán Leyva with different recognitions; Maite  Enríquez and  Héctor Luís Díaz - best advisors. 
Nelson de la Rosa. 
Best sport commentator. Yudith Arredondo - best journalist. 

Tinima, a humor character of La Yerbabuena program was performed. The humor actor Gustavito and the singer Cruz Isac gave very 
emotional moments.  

Radio Camoa received recognition messages and diploma from different organizations since early this February 17. The Committees 
for the Defense of the Revolution, The Federation of Cuban Women, the Communist Party of Cuba and the Local Government were 
among the message senders.    

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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