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Makhachkala, July 15, 2012. This week the test digital broadcasting was launched in big towns of the Republic of Dagestan - Khasavyurt and Buinaksk, the spokesperson of the RTRBN, Igor Stepanov said. Thus, nearly 460,000 citizens have become the new digital television viewers.
According to the deputy director of the republican branch of the RTRBN Alfred Akimov, 8 TV channels and 3 radio stations are available in digital format. "To watch the TV program in digital format one must have a 5-6th generation TV sets. But if there no such ones, the signal may be received by means of GENERAL SATELLITE model TE8714 console" – Akimov said.
For the time being, the digital broadcasting in Khasavyurt and Buinaksk goes in DVT-T format. Transition of the network to the new format DVT-T2 is scheduled for late 2012. The full conversion to digital format in the Republic of Dagestan will have been finished by end of 2013. During this period, 176 sets of equipment for digital terrestrial broadcasting will be put into operation in the republic.
"For more information, viewers can adress the Unified Information Center of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network. Toll Free Hotline for callers from all regions of the Russian Federation is available around the clock. Besides, any questions about digital TV can be asked in the center of consultancy support in the branch in Dagestan" - the source said.
Link: Click here to check more about DVT-T :
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