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Andrei Bystritsky and Valery Todorov
© Photo "The Voice of Russia"

Today the Russian state radio company the Voice of Russia represented by Chairman Andrei Bystritsky and the Bulgarian national radio represented by Director Valery Todorov have signed an agreement on information cooperation.

The purpose of the agreement is to «broaden and deepen» the cooperation between the companies.
The Bulgarian National Radio broadcasts in 11 European and Balkan languages. The radio station has the largest correspondents' network in Bulgaria.
Todorov stressed that today the company's main broadcasting is aimed at the Internet. In addition to the news, the company's sites post on-demand programs, podcasts, and music concerts, which are broadcasted in audio and video formats. Todorov explained that the development of the Bulgarian national radio is focused primarily on the expansion of the visualization of the radio on the Internet, because the «demands of the audience have changed».
Departments of broadcasting for foreign countries of both companies have agreed to work together and to keep pace with the time, and Andrey Bystritsky stressed that the agreement «will help to communicate».
Andrey Bystritsky voiced his ideas about creating a modern media-player for the Balkan countries on the Internet.
«All of us produce programmes in each other's languages, so we can offer the native speakers of each language a selection of programs in their own language. For example, we would suggest Serbian programs of the Bulgarian radio, Voice of Russia, Croats, Hungarians and Romanians. No editing, it is an absolutely free thing; nobody will be able to interfere. It might be curious to see the difference of approaches», - Mr. Bystritsky said.
The idea was supported by theGeneral Director of the Bulgarian national radio Valery Todorov. The issue of the creation of such a platform will be discussed at a session of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which will be held on December 6, 2012. «The EBU can become a good integrator, convenient for all of us», - Bystritsky noted.
The Voice of Russia radio and the Bulgarian National Radio plan to expand their cooperation, exchange information sources and improve their broadcasting.
The two leading foreign-language broadcasters have drafted an agreement on content cooperation that will be officially signed on November 20 as part of the Days of Bulgarian Culture.

SOURCE: Voice of Russia

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.


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