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Belarus: Another program in Chinese to be broadcast by Radio "Belarus".


Residents of China will be able to learn everything about history, peculiarities and traditions of the Belarusian language. 
It was stated by Director of the Radio Station "Belarus" Nahum Galperovich. A new Chinese trend of the only international radio channel of the country was officially presented in Minsk today. The first project, program "Your friend - Belarus" is on the air since January 1, 2013. 
In each release - the Belarusian news, music, plots about national culture and traditions. 
(Nahum Galperovich, Director of the Radio Station "Belarus") 
On the international air the Chinese language became the eighth broadcasting language of the Radio "Belarus". Besides, there is already an Internet page on Chinese on the website. The Belarusian Radio has already received the first comments and words of gratitude of Chinese radio listeners for the opportunity to know Belarus.


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