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Radio Heritage Foundation March 3 2013

Radio Heritage Regional Advisory Group [3] ***Vacancy** *

If you're interested in global radio, here's a great opportunity to 
join the all volunteer team at the Radio Heritage Foundation for a 
short project starting April 1 2013. We're looking for people to help 
us expand our website content and able to join any of the THREE 
following groups:

Africa, Canada, Caribbean

Each group needs 3 to 4 people who know something about radio in that 
region, or have a connection or interest with the area, or live there.

For full details visit and email us if 
you're interested. You'll be part of a small multicultural and 
multinational team, working from anywhere in the world and helping us 
find new content of popular interest and practical use and meeting 
various global user needs.

Other groups are scheduled to start throughout the year, again, read 
the website for details of dates, and our FAQ section. You choose your 
own hours and set your own timetable to finish your team project. 
Future groups include India, Middle East, Asia, South America and 

Volunteers will be recognized at the Friend Gold supporter level, 
receive a free 'thank you' gift when their assignment is finished, and 
know they've helped save and share precious radio memories from their 
region. Lots of fun and a great global volunteer experience! Do come 
and join the team.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization and 
complies with international volunteer codes of practice.

The Co-operative Global Radio Memories Project 

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