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Submitting a Photo


Radio New Zealand welcomes receiving listener's pictures to feature on this website.

We are looking for the broadest possible representation of our audience including a variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, lifestyles and geographic locations.

This can be anywhere in the world — internet-only and podcast listeners are included.

Conditions for submitting a photo:

1. The subject of the photo MUST listen to Radio New Zealand National, Radio New Zealand Concert or Radio New Zealand International.

2. Digital photos only please. (Scans are also OK but MUST be 300 dpi or better.)

3. Use a high resolution setting on your camera, preferably higher than 4 megapixels. The photo should be sharp and in focus. It should also be in colour.

4. Photos should be well lit, but not with too many shadows. Overcast lighting tends to make for dull photos, unless the subject of the photo is very engaging.

5. The photo should show an interesting visual subject. Photos of people doing things can work well, and don't always have to show their face.

  • An image of a suited person smiling for the camera is probably uninteresting, whereas an image of people laughing, interacting or doing something has more appeal. Fun is good.
  • Take a series of shots so we can choose the best one.
  • Holiday locations can work really well, especially if it is particularly photogenic.
  • "Cute" pictures of children will probably not look cute in this context.
  • We want to see people in their environment, so check that the background of the photo looks OK. Minor blemishes can be repaired if the rest of the image is fine.
  • Have a look at the current photos for inspiration.

6. The subject of any photo must sign a release form. This is really important.

We cannot use the image without a signed release. For children, their parent or guardian must sign.

We require the full name of the person, where they listen, and what station they listen to.

Random photos taken in public without a release form will not be accepted.

We will only use the person's first name, location and station on the website.

7. The size and shape will be as you see on the site at present.

Radio New Zealand may decide to crop and process the photo for presentation on the site.

8. Copyright. You retain copyright in the photo, however you agree to license use of the image to Radio New Zealand for use on the website for a period of 1 year from the date we first use the image. Photos may also appear in other Radio New Zealand publications, for example our Annual Report, as part of a screen capture of the website.

9. No fee is payable to photographer or model.

10. Radio New Zealand reserves the sole right to select or reject photographs submitted. You will be advised by return email if your photo has been accepted.

11.By submitting a photo you agree to these terms.

How to submit a photo

1. Take the photo (or choose one you already have).

2. Get the subject of the photo to sign the model release.

3. Email your photo to with the word "Photo" in the subject line.

Include your Full name, address and phone number.

4. If we decide to use your image we'll email you a photo ID to write on the top of the release before you post it to us.


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