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World DX Club

The World DX Club is pleased to announce that we can now offer e-membership at a considerably reduced rate compared to standard postal rates.

The World DX Club (WDXC) was founded in May 1968, and the first edition of Contact published by the club was mailed soon afterwards.


Today, the club continues to publish Contact Magazine every month, consisting of up to 56 pages containing station logs, news, information and comment about radio and radio broadcasts, both current and historical, primarily, but not exclusively, international shortwave radio.


E-Members receive Contact Magazine as a downloadable pdf file. Each month they are sent a password enabling them to download that month's issue from the World DX Club webpages. Note that E-Members do not receive postal copies of the magazine.


Details of membership rates, a free sample copy of a recent issue of Contact magazine for download as well as other information on international radio can be found at:


Mike Barraclough

Southgate Amateur Radio News - the amateur radio site for all radio hams

(Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia)

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