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Thanks to recent FCC rulings about digital broadcasting, WMNF was able to boost our HD signal a small - but significant - amount this week. Our HD reception is much improved.

If you've had trouble tuning in to Bulls Radio on our HD2 channel, or The Source on HD3 - try again. Most people who've had trouble picking up those channels, can now receive them easily.

If you used to have trouble picking up The Source or Bulls Radio - but now you can hear them - please let us know. Just send a note to . Or call 813-238-8001 x 135.

If you have questions about digital/HD radio, take a look at HD radio means there are many more channels you can listen to for free – including three completely different versions of 88.5 FM.

If you're looking for an HD radio so you can hear all this, try this link. WMNF will receive a portion of your purchase, which helps keep everything on the air.

Thanks for listening!


Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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