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Email from Radio Bulgaria January 6, 2012.

"Dear Kraig,
This year the radio's budget has been seriously cut, and we will soon be facing some radical changes in our transmissions. 
Shortwave broadcasts are to be ceased, and opportunities for satellite broadcasting and online programs are now explored. 
We are under quite a lot of mostly negative pressure recently, as we fear they might lead to losing some of our most 
regular and interested listeners, including you. But let's hope that things will change for the better!

Keep listening to our programs while we are still on the air on shortwave.
We will soon be sending all our listeners detailed info on what the future changes to our broadcasts will be.

Warm regards from sunny but cold Sofia,

English Section, Radio Bulgaria"

Another voice lost.


Kraig, KG4LAC
Manassas, Virginia

(Via DXLD List)

Gentileza de Alokesh Gupta, India
(Yimber Gaviria, Colombia)
Otra voz que se pierde en la onda corta

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