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To start a small radio station is not as complicated and expensive as 
many people think. This Handbook aims to show that ordinary people, 
even non-technical rural populations, can plan, set-up, manage and 
produce radio programmes by themselves with a minimum of dependence on 
outside help.

"Community Radio Handbook" provides the readers with information on 
legal aspects of community radio as well as more practical tips on 
technical aspects. The Handbook also explains to communities how to 
start their own community radio station. The last chapter of the 
Handbook presents a series of case studies of community radio 
stations, two of them located in Africa. 

To download the Handbook, visit 

Source: Radio for Peacebuilding Africa
(via Sergei S., Feb 2, dxldyg via DXLD) Applicable to NAm? (gh)

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia

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