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I have just received this season`s copy of Radial.
The club magazine for RAIBC, (Radio Amateur Invalid & Blind Club
who now define themselves as "The Charity working for Radio Amateurs with 
disabilities." If any member of BDXC has any disability or wish to 
support a group whose sole reason for existing is to support those who 
do in the hobby. then I can highly recommend joining RAIBC.
 It is not just about amateur radio; they also support SWL's. 
This edition of Radial carries information about how to buy a talking multi-meter. 
RAIBC has brought some from The National Federation of the Blind in 
the USA. And also a Accessibility review of the Kenwood TS-590S. 
Rabic also has talking versions of various magazines & a equipment loan 
system, as well as able bodied helpers willing to support if they can. 

(Alan m0lsx Feb 2, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

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