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Radio Mirchi: India’s No.1 Station Now in UAE

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM - Online FM Radio Station India 

MUMBAI:  Expanding its footprints in the International market first time ever, India's leading FM radio brand Radio Mirchi was launched in UAE on 1 Feb. With international and community news, Mirchi will broadcast a mixture of Hindi and English songs.

Mirchi is the first radio station of its kind in the Emirates to offer nationwide coverage, with three frequencies- 97.3FM Abu Dhabi, 88.8 FM Dubai & northern emirates, and 95.6FM Al Ain- catering to the country's extensive south Asian expat population.

Entertainment Network (India) Ltd entered into a partnership with Abu Dhabi based group called Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) for the venture. The business partnership also represents Abu Dhabi Media's first extension into the lucrative south Asian broadcasting sector and the first ever international association for ENIL and the Radio Mirchi brand.
Bollywood actor Rani Mukherjee was present at the launch with Abu Dhabi Media and Mirchi teams.

Entertainment Network (India) Limited CEO Prashant Panday said, "Radio Mirchi is known as the gateway to Bollywood and our UAE launch brings the best of the brand and our unique programming innovations to the people of the Emirates. From the biggest heroes, heroines and directors, to the most popular music composers, lyricists and singers- the station has it all. Our first foray overseas is a significant step in the evolution of the Radio Mirchi brand and a landmark event for the company, and we are happy to partner with such a well known and reputed company like Abu Dhabi Media."

Abu Dhabi Media CEO Malcolm Wall said, "The addition of Radio Mirchi to the Abu Dhabi Media portfolio is a significant step for the company. Through this partnership, we have introduced a new target demographic for Abu Dhabi Media that will complement our existing Arabic and English language radio brands. The south Asian community is an important audience here in the Emirates, and Radio Mirchi provides a powerful platform for brands to reach this large and rapidly growing consumer group."

Radio Mirchi Programs:
Mirchi Mornings- Every morning from 6-11am: Wake up to Mirchi Mornings with RJ Aashi and RJ Prateek as they prep you for the day ahead with a fun take on news from around the world, peppered with Bollywood updates and the hottest songs from across the decade.
Mid-day Mohabbat- Mid Mornings 11am-2pm: Single girl around town, RJ Yachna is the one friend every homemaker needs. From quick fixes
around the house, colors for the day, to figuring out your online-banking, coupled with great music and trivia from the 90s, RJ Yachna is the super-girl you want to be best friends with!
Total Filmy- Afternoons 2-5pm: Get your daily dose of films with Total Filmy. The hottest Bollywood stars, the latest interviews and reviews on movies from a M.B.E graduate (Masters in Bollywood Entertainment!), RJ Anoop. Tune in to know everything there is to know- from gossip, to new releases, to trivia contests - it all happens first on Bollywood's very own radio station!
Bumper to Bumper- Evenings 5-9pm: Driving back home, Bumper to Bumper, is where RJ Shardul and RJ Sukriti keep your traffic woes at bay! Giving you a look at the day gone by, they make sure you get to unwind with the latest hit songs, Bollywood specials and news from around the world.
Classic Retro- Late evenings 9pm-12am: Settle in for three hours of classic retro with a treasure trove of trivia and stories that transport you to the golden era of the Hindi film industry with RJ Fahad. From Dilip Kumar, to Dharmendra. Raj Kapoor, to Rishi Kapoor. Legendary writers, actors, light men - all brought to life beautifully with couplets and poetry to set the mood.
Mirchi Weekends: With your weekends programmed differently and tie-ups with the best DJs and clubs in UAE - you just have to tune in to make sure your weekends are truly Mirchi!


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