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AFRICAST 2012: The 9th edition of the biennial conference of Africa broadcasters, Africast with the theme 'Content Rules!' 
provides a networking environment for providers, distributors and marketers of broadcast content and equipment targeting 
the emerging African market with the practitioners, policy makers, advisers, administrators and end-users. 

Africast 2012 will also provide an atmosphere of deep examination, reflection and discussion of broadcast issues by high 
profile key speakers with real expertise in the area of broadcast content in a digital environment. Africast 2012 will continue 
with the tradition of providing a market environment for manufacturers, distributors and marketers of digital broadcast 
equipment targeting the emerging digitized African market. The programmes competition aspect of Africast 2012 which 
has the theme 'Attaining the Millenium Development Goals through Broadcast Content' is a great opportunity for content 
producers in and about Africa. 

The conference will also provide the unique opportunity of Master Classes to smoothen Africa's transition from analogue to 
digital terrestrial broadcasting by training its army of producers, directors, engineers and camera persons on production in 
a digital environment. We, in the Africast team, look forward to your participation in Africast 2012 which is scheduled for 
23 - 25 October, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja Nigeria.
Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.


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