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Community Radio Directory for Bangladesh
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has partnered with IPDC UNESCO 
in publishing the Directory of Community Radio in the country.
There are currently 14 community radio stations on-air in Bangladesh, all aiming to ensure empowerment 
and right to information for the rural communities they serve. Together, they broadcast 120 hours of 
programming per day, covering information, education, local entertainment and development as well as 
motivational activities.
The stations also provide employment and training opportunities for more than 530 locals in the communities, 
including youth and women. 
The Directory aims to serve as an easy reference of Community Radio Stations in Bangladesh to development 
partners, officials of different Ministries of Government, academia, researchers, other media, and professional 
groups working or taking interest on issues of community radio for development in Bangladesh.
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