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Garowe (RBC News)

Somalia: Puntland launches new Radio
Somalia: Puntland launches new Radio

Somalia: Puntland launches new Radio

Puntland president Dr. Abdurrahman Faroole has officially opened a new radio which will be aired from Garawe.
The establishment of this radio which can be heard on shortwaves has been going on for two years in the Puntland capital Garawe. Italian government has funded the radio project and will be the voice of Puntland administration.
The radio is on the air now for testing and the enrolment of staff that will be running the radio is underway.
Mr. Faroole who spoke at the opening ceremony stated that they were contemplating about founding of a Radio and TV for Puntland for a long time so as to disseminate the interest of Puntland state and following concerted efforts it has now come into effect. He stated that the TV is on the way and coming soon.
The new radio is named as Radio Puntland will be heard throughout Puntland. It’s now operated by Italian technicians.
RBC Radio.

The signal from Radio Puntland seems to get stronger day after day. USB only; on LSB there is only noise. Recorded on 2013-04-18 at 1425 UT in Gura Humorului, Romania.

Acoording to short-wave radio set up in Garowe has a frequency of 6.160 KHz (nighttime) and 13.800 KHz (daytime) and 200W of power, with regional coverage that will vary depending on the time of day and weather conditions (as far as the Middle East and Europe during the night). A temporary transmitter has been set up in advance of the permanent one, to be installed within the year, which will have worldwide reach. The radio will be used to broadcast informative, educational and entertainment programming and will involve local associations and the various civil society components of Puntland.

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