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 Miami - TV Martí, the Broadcasting Board of Governors' television service that provides programming to Cuba, has been nominated for Emmy Awards for its audio design work and for programs Estado de SATS andHacia La Democracia.

TV Martí has undergone a complete redesign in the last few years, and these programs are great examples of its commitment to its mission of bringing quality, unbiased news and information to the Cuban people. The three nominations were made by the Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Estado de SATS is a weekly program made in Cuba, with wrap-around segments produced in Miami, that tackles the realities and challenges faced by Cubans. Hacia La Democracia is a how-to guide for transitioning from totalitarianism to democracy. In the craft categories, TV Martí's cutting edge programs Antena Live and 7 N 30 share a nomination for audio design.

The nomination for Estado de SATS is significant because it is the first show made by Cubans in Cuba to be recognized by the Academy. Antonio Rodiles, the show's creator, producer and presenter, thanked the Martís for their support and for distributing the program. "This nomination is a tremendous stimulus to continue to work hard and a magnificent award for all of Cuban society," he said in a phone interview from Havana.

"What Antonio Rodiles has been able to do is nothing short of amazing," said Carlos García-Pérez, Director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, which oversees Radio and TV Martí. "He, along with everyone else at TV Martí, is bringing Cubans the kind informative and compelling programming their own government denies them. People in Cuba are taking notice, and we are grateful to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for recognizing these efforts. It shows great courage and determination," García-Pérez added.

Hacia La Democracia is based on the writings of Dr. Gene Sharp, a world renowned activist and founder of the Albert Einstein Institute. The nominated special explains how Sharp's philosophy of non-violence could be applied to a Cuba, and what Cubans living on the island can do to bring about democracy in a peaceful way.  "This nomination reinforces the Martí's commitment to continue to produce valuable programs for our audience in Cuba," García-Pérez said.

Janet Lomba, Director of TV Martí and Executive Producer of both programs, host Vanessa Ruiz and director Jose Vallois, are nominated alongside Mr. Rodiles for Estado de SATS. Producer Tatiana Riquelme, Vanessa Ruiz and Caridad Rubido are nominated for Hacia La Democracia. TV Martí's Fabian Crespo is nominated for his craft in audio design for Antena Live and 7 N 30.

Emmy winners will be announced in an award ceremony on Saturday Dec. 1, in Hollywood, Florida.

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.


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